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What Is Sectional Pipe Relining?

Sectional relining is a more practical and cost-effective option to inversion relining when only a smaller section of the sewer or stormwater drain is damaged or affected. This method offers structural restoration for the pipes without having to dig up and replace a section of the pipeline. This is a joint-less method of renovation, and sectional repairs will prevent tree root intrusions and help to improve flow quality and eliminates exfiltration and infiltration of the actual repair location. Sectional repair installation comes in pipe diameters ranging from 50mm to 225mm, and for pipe lengths ranging from 1 metre to 10 metres.

Sectional relining only affects the area of the pipe that actually needs to be repaired, rather than the entire pipeline. For example, if you have a 20 metre sewer line, only 2 metres of the pipeline may actually need to be repaired. Using sectional relining gives you the ability to do a point repair on just this 2 metre section of pipe instead of needing to reline the whole pipeline. This method saves both time and money for everyone involved.



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Earthenware Sectional Relining Repair



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PVC Sectional Relining Repair

How Sectional Pipe Relining Works

Damaged pipe with tree root intrusions

Step 1: Camera inspection to inspect the problem

Traditionally, damaged or defective drains would have to be excavated and the affected section of pipework removed and replaced. The sectional relining method can be installed in just a few hours, without causing any disruption to the line or your property. Gaining access to the actual pipeline happens by way of the closest inspection opening or cleanout.

The first step is to carry out a CCTV camera inspection of the pipeline to identify and locate the problem area, measure the size of the pipe and the length of pipework to be relined and to determine if high pressure cleaning is required.

Step 2: High pressure clean to remove tree roots and debris

Step 3: Insert liner attached to inflatable packer

If cleaning is required the drain is thoroughly cleaned using a high-pressure hydro jet drain cleaning machine using flushing and hydraulic root cutting nozzles at pressures up to 5000psi to remove all tree roots and debris to prepare the pipe for relining.

A length of lining material is cut to the required length, impregnated with pipe relining resin, attached to a specialized inflatable packer and pushed or pulled through the pipeline and positioned at the exact location of the damaged section of pipework. The positioning of the liner is monitored and confirmed using a CCTV camera.  

Step 4: Inflate packer to install and cure liner

Step 5: Once liner has cured deflate and remove packer

Once in position the inflatable packer is inflated using compressed air to expand the sectional liner to fit tightly against the inside wall of the host pipe. The liner is left inflated and continuously monitored until the pipe relining resin has cured.

After the liner has cured the inflatable packer is deflated and removed leaving behind a tight-fitting structural sleeve repairing the damaged section of pipe permanently that will prevent infiltration, exfiltration and the intrusions of tree roots.

Step 6: Camera survey to inspect final liner instalation

Section of pipe has now been permanently repaired

A final CCTV camera inspection is carried out to inspect and document the liner installation. The sewer or stormwater line is ready to be used immediately.

Once the damaged section has been relined the pipework is once again structurally sound and is impervious to tree root intrusions, infiltration or exfiltration for at least 50 years.

Multi Sized Packers

Multidimensional packers to reline any pipe size, taper or transition in short, standard and long versions.

50 | 70 | 70 - 100 | 100 | 100 - 125 | 100 - 150 | 125 - 200 | 150 - 200 | 150 - 255

Bendy Packers

Multidimensional bendy packers to reline any bend from 5  up to 90  bendable, in short, standard and long versions.



DN 50 - 255

Up to 3 dimensions



Bends 5  - 90

Installation options: Pull-In-Place +/- Push-In-Place

A Permanent Repair

Many times stronger than PVC pipe, tree root intrusion proof and increased flow.

Reline any earthenware, PVC, concrete or cast iron pipe

Benefits Of Sectional Pipe Relining

There are several benefits offered by sectional relining when compared to the traditional method of sewer line replacement. These benefits include the following:

  • A more affordable option. In most cases, sectional relining will be more affordable than traditional sewer line repair and replacement.

  • Less disruptive. With this method, disruption is minimal, and sectional relining takes less time. When trenchless repair is used, if existing pipe access is not available, there are only a few very small holes dug, leading to the sewer line. These fill up easily after completing the repairs.

  • Faster method. Sectional relining will take much less time to get the sewer line back to working properly. This is especially true for commercial properties; an unusable sewer disrupts business as usual, resulting in lost productivity and profits. In many cases, it takes merely one day to complete the entire repair process.

  • Better quality pipe. Installing pipe via this method is seamless and corrosion resistant. This helps to stop any roots from infiltrating it in the future. It also results in improved flow of water.

  • Easier to access. If additional repairs are needed, the service provider will be able to reach the pipe via one of the two main access points that were used for installation.

As you can see, sectional relining offers quite a few benefits. It will result in a higher quality repair and replacement. Moreover, it costs less than the more invasive form of traditional pipe repair.

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