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What Is A Robitc Lateral Cutter ?

Robotic cutters or lateral cutters are used for several applications in the drainage maintenance and rehabilitation process, although the main purpose for this technology is to reinstate the lateral junction connections that have been lined over during the relining process.

​A critical part of sewer rehabilitation is the re-connection of the lateral junctions after a sewer pipe has been relined. Depending on the length and location of the relining project, a pipe relining contractor may need to reinstate only one lateral connection or have a hefty job of more than 10. Proper equipment is a must to make this process go smoothly and quickly. A robotic lateral cutter that can handle the wear and tear of cutting through the new liner in a variety of pipe types and pipe sizes is crucial to this process.

​Simply stated, a lateral cutter is a remotely controlled unit that is used to reinstate the lateral junction connections in the relined sewer or stormwater pipe. Its function is clear cut: The cutter is inserted into the sewer line which is usually the same access used to install the new liner and maneuvered through the newly relined pipework toward the lateral junction connection. The cutter makes an initial hole to relieve any flow that may have accumulated in the lateral branch line and to remove the remainder of the lining material from the lateral opening so the flow can be reinstated.

Reinstatement of branch line junction after relining

Robotic Lateral Reinstatement Robotic Cutters
Robotic Cutting

Other Uses For Robotic Cutters

Other uses for a lateral robotic cutter are;


  • Removing blockages and cutting large tree roots that high pressure hydro jets can’t remove.


  • Cutting protruding obstructions and foreign objects that have been forced through the pipe such as steel rebar, form work stakes and metal or wooden posts.


  • Grinding away lodged pieces of earthenware pipe or rocks and deposits of cement, grout and concrete to name a few.


If you have a similar problem with your drains and your plumber has recommended that the pipe be excavated to remove the offending obstacle give us a call because we may be able to remove it and repair the drain without having to dig up your property!







A Range Of Cutting Heads For Every Application

Whether it's reinstating lateral junctions after pipe relining or cutting unwanted protrusions, foreign objects or deposits from the inside of the drain without the need for destructive excavation there is a specialised cutting head for every application. Here are just a few.  

When all you do is clear blocked drains, you get very good at it!

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