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Junction Pipe Relining

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Junction Relining Sydney

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Your sewer system is comprised of a network of underground pipes both under and on the outside of your home. The network of pipes under your home is called “internal drainage” and the pipework on the outside of your home is called “external drainage”.


Each fixture in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry is serviced by its own “branch drain”. Branch drains from each fixture are connected together under your home with “junctions” and all internal branch drains are then connected to the external drainage system on the outside of your home also by way of junctions. Simply put, a junction is where 2 drainage lines meet.


This network of pipes work together to take all the wastewater and sewage from your home and convey it downstream under gravity through your sewer system to the Sydney Water main sewer line.

When earthenware or PVC junctions are damaged, broken, cracked or displaced, junction relining is used to rehabilitate the entire fitting with a one-piece liner to create a new junction on the inside of the old one making junction relining a cost affective solution to repair damaged junctions under buildings and other structures thus negating the need to carry out destructive excavation. 


Junctions also come in various sizes and configurations such as “slope junctions”, “square junctions” & "multi sized junctions”.

Relined PVC Slope Junction

Junction Liner & Packer

Earthenware Slope Junction

Earthenware Square Junction

PVC Slope Junction

PVC Square Junction

The Junction Relining Process

Junction Relining
Junction Relining