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All over Sydney people have drain problems. these problems can be expensive, time consuming and disruptive to fix.

Have you ever wondered? Is there is a way to repair your sewer or stormwater pipes without destruction and an outrageous price tag?

Welcome to DRAINS ‘R’ US Trenchless, we are licenced Sydney Plumbers providing pipe relining solutions to fix drain problems for Sydney home owners without demolition, disruption and minimum excavation by restoring your existing defective sewer or stormwater drains using an advanced technology called trenchless pipe relining.

Trenchless pipe relining technology has been around for decades, and there are many alternatives to choose from. While traditional pipe repair and replacement is what comes to mind for most people, depending on the type of problems you are facing, Plumbing professionals experienced in trenchless pipe relining solutions can help you determine which process is best for you.

Everything that goes down the drain in your home flows to the main sewer line underground. This sewer line can be anywhere from 300mm to 2.5 metres below the surface and eventually connects to the Sydney Water sewer system. Sydney Water maintains its own pipes but the sewer pipe between the house and the Sydney Water system is the homeowner’s responsibility.


Over time these pipes age and eventually become cracked, separated, corroded, broken or even partially collapsed. This results in tree root intrusion, slow running drains, sewer backups and blockages…. Yuck! Nobody wants that!

When this happens one option for drain repair is to dig a trench over the entire length of the sewer pipe and replace it with a new PVC pipe, seems like a good plan right?


The problem is, this method of excavation and pipe renewal requires digging a trench that can cause a massive mess, toppled trees, destroyed landscaping and torn up paths and driveways which requires costly reinstatement adding additional costs. Depending on where the pipe is located digging can also be downright dangerous with buried cables, gas and water lines or electric, internet and telephone services. Bottom line, digging a trench to renew sewer pipes sucks but what choice do you have, you need to dig up the pipe to repair it, or do you?


Depending on the damage to the pipe there's a no dig pipe relining repair alternative that can fix your sewer or stormwater pipes permanently with little to no digging, no mess, and all at a fraction of the cost of traditional pipe repairs.


The process starts by inspecting the inside of the pipe using a special camera, if the pipe meets the requirements, pipe relining equipment is used to install a specially treated flexible sleeve along the interior of the original pipe which then hardens creating a permanent new pipe within the existing pipe, a pipe relining solution that is 4 times stronger than even the original pipe. Problem solved!


No digging, no mess and all for less money! Isn't it worth a phone call to find out more about our pipe relining solutions?

Watch this video to learn more about Trenchless Pipe Relining.


Advantages Of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining means no massive trenches all over your property and the subsequent mess, waste removal and restoration costs required afterwards.

With no major excavation required there is no need to destroy valuable landscaping, trees, gardens or concrete saving you money.

Unlike traditional trenching methods pipe relining completely nullifies any structural risk or damage to your homes foundation or structural integrity.

Pipe relining is Eco-Friendly preserving the local environment and creating less waste and noise compared to traditional dig and replacement.

With minimal disruption, pipe relining enables you to stay in your home and continue on with your family routine as usual with no fuss.

DRAINS 'R' US Trenchless is experienced and has been in operation since 1955. We have been pipe relining since its introduction into the residential Plumbing market in Australia.

Depending on the size of the job, our pipe relining processes can in most cases be carried out in as little as one day.

Pipe relining doesn't require mechanical excavators, skip bins or concrete saws which means no plant and time consuming restoration costs.

The strength and durability of pipe relining material is many times stronger than its PVC counterparts giving improved flow and guaranteed protection from future tree root intrusion.


Trenchless Pipe Relining Services We Offer









Types Of Pipes & Fittings We Can Reline

We can reline...

Clay, earthenware, cast iron, PVC and concrete sewer or stormwater pipes.

Pipe sizes from 50mm to 225mm in diameter.

From 1 meter to an unlimted length of pipe.

Any bend or change in pipe direction including 5, 15, 30, 45, 60 & 90 degree bends.

Any change in pipe diameter size.

Any size junction including multi sized junctions.

'P' traps including boundary traps, overflow relief gullies, and floor waste traps.

Watch this video to see what a relined pipe looks like.

Reline any size bend or change in pipe direction

Reline any pipe size or change in pipe diameter 

Reline any size junction including multi sized junctions

DRAINS 'R' US Trenchless provides pipe relining solutions in Sydney to restore broken, cracked, misaligned, displaced, leaking and tree root affected sewer and stormwater drains without the need for major excavation.



Ask Us For A Pipe Relining Quote

Our Quoting Process

  • Call us to arrange a pipe relining quote.

  • We will schedule a suitable time to visit your property.

  • On arrival we will discuss the drainage issue you have and any relevant history.

  • For most quotes we will carry out a CCTV drain inspection to obtain the information we need.

  • For quotes relating to sewer line problems, if you have a Sewer Service Diagram please have this available.

  • Once we have finished carrying out our investigations, we will provide advice and relevant options to address the drainage problem, answer all your questions and provide a quotation for the work.

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